Hosted Or ‘On Premise’

  • Available as a fully hosted solution

  • No infrastructure or IT support required

  • Access data from anywhere in the world

Accommodates Your Business

  • Simple to use and customize

  • Adaptive logging and sampling environment

  • User specific dashboards for clear visibility to metrics


  • Fully SOX compliant

  • Perform full QA/QC statistical analysis

  • Implement QA/QC programs suited to your project

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Field Logging With No Connectivity

  • Ensure highest quality of data captured in the field

  • Synchronize with central exploration data repository

  • Use Windows mobile devices for offline field logging and sampling

Fits Into Your Business

  • Simple integration to your internal or external labs

  • Seamlessly interacts with Centric Production Management System

  • Provides verifiable source of data for popular geological modelling software

Be Notified

  • No need to wait for ‘reports’ to be informed

  • Be messaged when good results arrive from the lab

  • Automatically receive email or SMS notifications for important events

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Centric Explore provides your field and mine exploration business with a flexible and scalable platform for the acquisition, management, analysis and reporting of drill hole, sampling and QA/QC data.

A modern, secure and scalable platform for the acquisition and management of exploration data; because all projects big and small need quality data.